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Standard Smartphone Control + $6.99/mo

Arm & Disarm your system from anywhere in the world. You also have the option of receiving text and/or ...

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Motion Detector - $99

Triggers your alarm system when it senses motion. Must be mounted 6-7 feet from the ground for maximum effe...

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Glassbreak Detector - $99

A sensor that triggers the alarm when it detects the frequency of glass shattering.   5.25" long, 2....

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Cellular Wireless Transmitter - $89

The device that we wire into your main computer board box, that allows the system to transmit wir...

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Master Control Panel

The main computer panel that all of the alarm wires are connected to. 9.25" long, 8.25" wide, 3.25" deep ...

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Wireless Receiver Module - $59

This is the device that all of your wireless sensors connect to. Examples would be wireless motion, glassbr...

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Keyfob Remote - $49

Allows you to operate your system from anywhere inside of your home, without being in front of the keypad. ...

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Wireless Window/Door Sensor - $29

Wireless sensor that can be mounted on a door or window, and will trigger the alarm if the door or window i...

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Backup Battery - $25

Allow the alarm system to function in the event of a power outage.   4" long, 3.5" wide, 2.75" deep.

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(1) Smoke/Heat Detector -$99

Triggers your alarm system when heat or smoke is detected. In order to add a monitored smoke detector, your...

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LCD Keypad - $99

Slim-line landscape keypad with LCD screen and digital clock. Features include Stay or Away Arming, Door Ch...

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LCD Keypad in Open Postion

Same keypad, but with a view of buttons. Slim-line landscape keypad with LCD screen and digital clock. Feat...

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All Installations Can Be Customized


Peace of Mind. Anytime. Anywhere.

$6.99 Additional Per Month for Optional Smartphone Control
  • Arm and Disarm On the Go
  • Uses the Fastest, LTE Transmitter by Telguard
  • Displays Current Armed/Disarmed Status of System
  • Sends Text and/or Email Notifications
  • View Event History
  • For safety reasons, requires at least 2 bars of AT&T or Verizon signal strength in the home.

We don’t hide behind a contract like other companies. We have to perform 24/7, or else we’re fired!

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