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Pest Control Available in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston

Quarterly Plan Includes:


  • A treatment every 3 months.

  • Inside the home & exterior perimeter around foundation, weepholes, and eaves.

  • Spot treatment of ant piles in your lawn.

  • Knocking down wasp nests and spider webs.

  • Treatments cover most pests like: most ants, spiders, roaches, water bugs, pill bugs, and crickets.

  • Visual termite inspection.

  • Attic inspection for rodents and other critters.

  • Up to 3,500 sq ft residential. Larger applications are a little more.

  • Pest control available in Dallas, Ft.Worth, and north Houston only at this time.

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Pest Control FAQs

Dallas, Ft.Worth, and Houston! 

  • We treat the interior of the home, exterior perimeter of the foundation, weepholes, and eaves. Also, we spot treat ant piles in the yard, and knock down spider webs, wasps nests, and give a visual termite inspection.
  • A standard pest control treatment covers most common insects inside of the home. Examples: most ants, most spiders, most common roaches, water bugs, pill bugs, crickets.
  • If you're not comfortable with us spraying inside the home, you can opt for exterior treatment only. Unless you have a heavy infestation, exterior is typically sufficient. 
  • As we don't have control of nature, insects outdoors and flying insects are not warrantied.

We spot treat ant piles as a courtesy during quarterly visits only, and is not a warrantied item. Additional one-time visits to treat ant piles can be done for a $29 service call. If there is a larger ant problem, we offer full yard ant coverage that comes with a year long warranty. Price depends on size of the lot, please call for an estimate. 888-888-1695

  • You get a full year ongoing warranty, for the interior of your home if you signed up for the quarterly program with auto-draft, or if you've prepaid the year of pest control. When prepaying yearly (4 treatments), all 4 treatments must be used within 1 year. Past a year, the credit and the warranty expires. To stay on top of insect control it's important to treat the home 4 times per year, especially in Texas. 
  • One-time treatments, or if you pay for your quartely treaments as you go (with no auto draft setup), carry a 30 day for the interior of your home.
  • Insects outdoors (for example- ant piles, wasps nests, mosquitos, bees, flies, etc) are not covered under warranty as they are an ongoing battle with nature outside of anyone's control. 

Retreats are spot treatments of trouble areas only, not complete resprays of the property. Limited to 1 retreat per quarterly timespan. If multiple retreats are needed, there may be a larger problem outside of our control that requires a more extensive program. Retreats are covered when under warranty. See the question above to read more about our warranties. 

Standard pest control treatments do not cover flying insects inside or outside of the home. There are separate programs for some flying insects than be purchased. Please call for details 888-888-1695. 

Yes! You get a warranty year-round. You can also get a year-round warranty if you set up quarterly auto-draft.

We don’t hide behind a contract like other companies. We have to perform 24/7, or else we’re fired!

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